In the face of growing demands from Industry 4.0, digitization, and internet shopping, high-capacity intralogistics are a must. With efficient processes and a bespoke degree of automation, you can master all challenges posed by a changing business landscape. Yet some operators also wish to retain an element of flexibility too. For these customers, semi-automation is the key to an efficient installation.

SSI SCHAEFER offers solutions for gradual automation that grow in line with the customer’s needs. For example, cost-intensive picking processes can be significantly improved and accelerated through semi-automated solutions such as vertical lift modules. This results in more efficient processes, greater productivity, lower costs, and shorter delivery times.

Semi-automated storage systems, such as mobile racking and channel storage systems, achieve operational efficiencies by automating individual work steps and allowing the available space to be utilized in the most effective manner. Depending on the selected load carrier and the necessary speed, the storage density can be increased further or rack costs can be reduced. Appropriate software products with transparent monitoring and control functions can cover all logistical requirements and ensure the systems are perfectly integrated into the overall intralogistics landscape.